Evening League Final Tables

Div 1: Winners: HEDGE END HAWKS, Runners Up: Community
Div 2: Winners: FOWLER, Runners Up: Lyndhurst
Div 3: Winners: B&Q, Runners Up: FYEO

Evening League Final Results

Presidents Cup Chart Updated -
Winners : COMMUNITY, Runners-Up: Hedge End Hawks
Harold Diaper (Plate) Cup Chart Updated -
Winners: OLD NETLEY & HIGHFIELD, Runners Up: BAT


##### Attention Division 3 Teams: New Fixture List #####

Download Directly From Here or go to the Downloads Page

A 6th team is starting in Division 3 on 25th May - Southampton Lions vs B&Q at Riverside Park.  New fixture list highlights the new fixtures in yellow. All other fixtures remain the same.


Evening League League & Cup Fixtures Available for
Download Here
Notes: I have tried to allocate Sports Centre Pitch Numbers to the fixtures.  I have no idea at this stage whether Active Nation will allocate the pitches as I have asked.  I will let you know as soon as I know - Glen

Also, please note that the Presidents Cup fixtures are at the end of the download.  There will be a Plate competition for teams that lose their first Presients Cup game but the fixtures won’t be decided until after the President’s Cup 2nd Round, currently the 17th June

Indoor Cup Fixtures Completed

Indoor Cup Winners: Netley, Runners-Up: West End Saints

Promotion Playoff Winners: West End Saints

Indoor Tables Updated (FINAL TABLES)
Indoor Results Grid Updated (FINAL RESULTS)

Division 1 Winners: OT’s and Romsey, Runners-Up: Netley

Division 2 Winners: Community, Runners-Up: West End Saints

Promotion / Relegation Playoff: MSCC vs West End Saints, 9pm 11th March

League Final Tables Updated

Division 1 Winners: Community, Runners-Up: Hedge End Jams

Division 2 Winners: West End Saints, Runners-Up: Fowler

Division 3 Winners: Trants, Runners-Up: Bitterne Ducks

Division 1 Final Results Updated (Week 14/14)
Division 2 Final Results Updated (Week 15/15)
Division 3 Final Results Updated (Week 15/15)
Results Grid Updated

Presidents Cup Updated
Presidents Cup Winners: Hedge End Hawks, Runners-Up: Old Netley & Highfield
Plate (Harold Diaper Cup) Updated -
Harold Diaper Cup Winners: West End Saints, Runners-Up: NATS

Division 1 Fixtures Added
Division 2 Fixtures Added
Division 3 Fixtures Added
League Tables Updated
Forms and Handbook Added to Downloads Page


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